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Tim Gutterson


Birthplace - Unknown
Birthdate - Unknown
Age - 29
Affiliation - US Marshals
Actor - Jacob Pitts

Raylan Givens - Tim and Raylan's relationship is of professional camaraderie. Though Raylan never served in the military, Tim has great respect for Raylan due to his skills in the quick-draw and as a gunfighter. More importantly, like Tim, Raylan understands what it means to take someone's life up close and personal. Despite the fact that Raylan's lack of obeying authority has placed him at odds with Tim's military values, Tim understands that when Raylan needs to do something, its best not to get in his way.
Rachel Brooks - Coworker, Deputy US Marshal
Art Mullen - Calls him "Boss" Though Tim respects Art's authority as the Chief deputy, Art also acts as a father figure to him, as he is concerned with his drinking habits and appears to be aware that Tim might have more problems than meets the eye. Art also shows admiration of Tim's skills as a sniper and puts him on the front line of a mission, knowing he is skilled and experienced.