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Boyd Crowder


Birthplace - Harlan, Kentucky
Birthdate - 1970
Affiliation - Crowder family, white supremacist
Actor - Walton Goggins

Family: Bo Crowder - Father, deceased, Bowman Crowder - Brother, deceased, Ava Crowder - Former sister-in-law, fiancée, Johnny Crowder - Cousin, partner in crime, Henry Crowder - Relationship ambiguous, deceased
Gang members: Dewey Crowe - Criminal associate, fellow white supremacist, Arlo Givens - Criminal associate, Rip Bell - Criminal associate, deceased, Colton Rhodes - Friend, accomplice

Originally, Boyd was supposed to die in the series premiere episode, "Fire in the Hole", after being shot by Ava and Raylan. (Actor Walton Goggins had agreed to appear on Justified as a favor to his friend, Timothy Olyphant.) However, Boyd had positive reception from the test audience, so he ended up surviving the shooting in the next episode of the first season, "Riverbrook", and became a recurring character during the first season before becoming one of the lead roles for Season 2 onwards.
Boyd has the second highest amount of episodic appearances behind Raylan Givens, but he has the highest amount of appearances out of any villain in Justified.