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Postdodano 6 mar 2007, o 13:49

3x15 - The Little Things You Do Together

As he's falling from the parking garage, Orson's life flashes before his eyes. He remembers walking in to find Gloria kneeling over a dead Monique. Fortunately, his fall is broken by some trees. He also has the good luck to land right next to an ambulance!

But, since he doesn't mention his fight with Mike, his fall is interpreted as a suicide attempt, given his psychiatric history. Orson admits to his doctor why he was committed as a teenager: His mother had ordered him to keep a watch on his father, who was depressed after a failed affair. Orson disobeyed and went out to meet his friends. When he came home, he found his father in the bathtub with his wrists slit. The doctor assumes Orson blamed himself for his father's death, and Orson grimly says that was his mother's job.

After drinking far too much on her birthday, Gabrielle wakes up with a killer hangover -- and to find a half-naked Zach in her bed! He tells her they had sex and she goes to throw up. She reluctantly tells Carlos but insists she doesn't remember a thing.

Susan and Ian are at the hospital to pick up Jane's personal belongings, where they bump into Andrew, who tells them about Bree and Orson. Susan goes to see Bree and says this is all her fault, since she pushed so hard to clear Mike's name. Bree says Orson told her something that will exonerate Mike, but she'll have to tell her later. Bree asks if they're back to being friends and Susan says they never really stopped.

Ian realizes that the box of belongings he's been given don't belong to Jane, but to Mike, including an engagement ring. Susan tells Ian that Mike's in the clear and he's going to be a free man. In the confusion, Ian pockets the ring.

Susan goes to tell Mike the good news, but she overhears him telling Carlos that Orson's fall wasn't an accident.

It's the opening night of Pizzeria Scavo and Tom is obsessed with making everything perfect. He's furious when Lynette's chair order ends up being for high chairs. She begs and borrows enough chairs to fill the restaurant, but he can't get over the fact that his perfect night has been ruined.

Bree is sent home to rest, while Orson stays in the hospital. Lynette begs Andrew to help out at the restaurant so he asks Danielle to babysit Bree. She was planning on going to the opening too, so she's miffed at having to stay home.

At the pizzeria opening, Gabrielle tries to break it off with Zach, but when he says this is the happiest he's been since his mother died, she doesn't have the heart. She asks Carlos to threaten Zach for her. He follows Zach into the men's room, but when he sees that Zach is hung like a horse, he concludes that Gabrielle would have remembered if she'd actually slept with him. When he tells her his findings, she's outraged. She tells Zach she could never respect a man who lied and deceived her.

Also at the restaurant, Susan tells Mike what she overheard and he will only say that things are "complicated." "They always are with you," she says, and returns to Ian's side.

Tom toasts the crowd, thanking them for showing up. He says how much tonight meant to him, and that he thought it was ruined because of the mismatched chair. But then he goes on to say that that tonight is perfect anyway. He says he couldn't have done it all without Lynette. He starts to get choked up, so she finishes his speech for him, saying that if any of them want to test their marriage, open a restaurant together.

Ian seizes the moment to make a toast of his own. He falls to one knee and asks Susan to marry him. She gives him an enthusiastic "Yes" as Mike turns away sadly.

Next, Zach boldly proposes to Gabrielle, who drags him downstairs to chew him out. She says being friends isn't working out since he'll always hope for something more and she won't ever love him. After he leaves, Carlos admits that just being friends isn't really working out for him either. Gabrielle says she hopes he'll stick it out a little bit longer, because she still needs him.

When Gloria hears that Orson tried to commit suicide, she tells Alma, who's still locked in the attic room, there's still hope. All she needs to do is take care of Bree. Danielle is surprised to see her show up with soup, but is happy to be relieved of babysitting duty. But first she takes the soup up to Bree. Alma manages to crawl out of the attic window onto the roof, but her attempts to flag down Danielle go unheard, as does her scream when she falls. Gloria tells Bree she drugged the soup and there's nothing she can do to save herself. Gloria draws a bath, setting the stage for a suicide.

Andrew is alarmed when Danielle tells him she left Bree alone with Gloria. He races home, only to be tripped by Gloria's cane and sent tumbling down the stairs.

Meanwhile, a nurse tells Orson that his wife has gone home and that his mother just called to make sure he was staying overnight at the hospital. He takes a cab home and is just in time to catch Gloria before she slits Bree's wrists. "You've done this before," he says. They struggle and Gloria falls to the floor. He lifts Bree to safety and then Gloria calls out, "I think I'm having a stroke."

He tells Andrew that he doesn't want her to die in their house, so he carries her across the street to Alma's, where he finds Alma lying dead in the bushes. He lays Gloria next to her, and in the morning, they are found together.

Orson tells Bree that all their troubles are over. Alma is dead and it appears that Gloria had a stroke upon finding her body. He left Alma's fake suicide note and the bag of teeth where the police could find them. So now Mike is cleared of the murder. And the truth will never come out because Gloria's stroke left her paralyzed and unable to speak. At the hospital, he tells her to get a good look at him walking away because that's the last she'll ever see of him.

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Postdodano 13 mar 2007, o 01:32

Kurcze niezle sobie to Orson wszystko wykombinowal z ta smiercia Almy i jego matki :D Mimo, ze to nie on zabil ta cala Monique, to i tak mnie ciarki przechodza jak go widze....


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Postdodano 10 lis 2007, o 17:20

Re: 3x15 - The Little Things You Do Together

Mnie też ciarki przechodzą jak go widze... W zasadzie, to ja mam takie dziwne wrażenie, że Orson jest agentem Cooperem z Twin Peaks 20 lat później i nadal jest ZŁY :P

Tragikomiczny wątek Zach'a... On naprawde powinien się lęczyć. No i biedna Gabi :hihi:
Carlos: God, I can't believe you bang another neighbour kid!
Gabrielle: Where are you going?
Carlos: To warn the Scavo boys.
:hah: :hah: :hah:

A tak w ogóle, to głupszej osoby niż Danielle to chyba w żadnym serialu nie ma ;)
Come on girl, one last time
let me know you're still alive!

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Postdodano 7 sty 2008, o 18:31

Re: 3x15 - The Little Things You Do Together

Mam nadzieję, że Zacha nie będzie już trzeba oglądać w najbliższym czasie. Wystarczy już go na ekranie ;) Ja nie wiem, ale czy on naprawdę myślał, że Gabi przyjmie jego oświadczyny? :hah:


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