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1.12 - Legacy

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Well, as I probably mentioned in last summary, Nicks fathers murder was going to get free. Nick asked Kathlyn to see if she could do anything to make him stay in prison longer, but she couldnt. So Nick goes to his friend that he havnt seen for a long time, whos father was partner with Nicks and also got murdered by the same murderer. The friend have alot of hate against the murderer and feels like its time for payback and asks Nick to help him.

Felicia is still having dreams/fantasies about Lucas and asks Lizzie about help. But she felt like she couldnt help Felicia so she told her to talk with her father instead.
Malcom is taking a timeout from the bank and wanna help out at the church as much as possible.
Back to Felicia she goes to talk with Malcom about the dreams she had. And we get to know that Randall had become aggressive during the second night after the cops tried to kill Lucas. So to loose some anger he wanted to beat up a hostage. And he choose Kathryn, but Malcom couldnt agree with that. So he "sacrificed" himself and got beaten up ALOT. But Randall didnt think it was enough, so he took Felicia and was going to drag her down to the basement when Lucas stopped him. So thats why she have seen him as somekind of hero. I guess Felicia have had somekind of memoryloss from the hostage-situation.
She had also remebered seeing Malcom and Lucas fighting in the vault downstairs, which made Malcom alittle worried and he said he just tried to talk Lucas straight. To end the robbery and let the hostages go.

Egan and Kathryn is working on her campaign during the episode, nothing special to talk about. She goes out and talk to people and shake hands and Egan remeber some lessons he got from his father who was a salesman.

Frannys mom is coming for a visit, which makes her grandma unhappy. So during a dinner they start fighting, tho Frannys mom runaway when she was a teenager or something. During the fight the grandma gets uncunsious, but it works out fine at the hospital and they all get friends and remeber the good times.

Back to Nick and his friend, they are waiting outside some house for the robber to show up(probably a court or something). When the friend starts acting wierd when they gonna shoot him, so Nick decides to kick him out of the shooting. Tho the friend have a family with kids and stuff so he risc to much for payback. But Nick continue and finally sees the murderer entering a bar. And he follows him in and the murderer doesnt remeber Nick so he invites him for a little chat and a whiskey. Nick get alittle angry at him and Malcom try to call him at his cellphone to end the killing, but Nick doesnt answer. So Nick follows the murderer leaving the bar and he beats him up and tells him who he is. Then the murderer starts to talk what really happend during that night. Apperently Nicks friends father was a corrupt cop that gave the "murderer" adresses for drugdealers he could rob. So during the night of the shooting, the corrupt-cop and murderer had got into a fight when Nicks father and walked in. Alittle confusion happen and the murderer got the gun of the corrupt-cop and started shoot while they tried to dissmantle him. Ending with both the cops died. Nick checked up if it was possible that he was a corrupt cop and it seems it was a true story of what REALLY happend that night. So Nick never killed the murderer.
The episode ends with Malcom crying at the church for some reason.

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